An interview with copywriter Laura Luck

When I first started my copywriting business and immersed myself within the community of other writers on social media, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. All said and done, my fellow copywriters are ultimately my competitors, I thought.

What I realised very quickly was 1) there is plenty of work to go around and 2) the copywriting community is one of the nicest and most supportive out there. It must be a writer thang, no?

This is why I’ve decided to kick off what I hope to be a regular series, where I’ll not only be interviewing fellow copywriters, but others in the creative sphere such as producers, graphic designers and more. And what better way to kick off than with Tasmania-based Laura Luck, a copywriter who runs her own business with wit, creativity and passion.

And, despite her name, luck’s got got nothing to do with it if you ask me. Laura’s ever-growing list of clients and social media following is all down to talent and hard work! Over to you, Laura…

What initially drew you towards copywriting?

I’ve always loved writing (says every copywriter, ever). But I never had a plan to end up as a copywriter. I studied journalism and PR at uni and got into media and communications pretty early on. Then my eyes were opened to copywriting through a mentor of mine and I haven’t looked back! I like the idea of having various projects and niches to work on, where no two days are the same – as well as having control over how I spend my time.

How did you begin your copywriting career?

I didn’t even know copywriting was a thing until a developer at the financial services company I was working at said, ‘Oh, you’re the copywriter’. I was actually in Marketing and Communications, and I got a bit offended because I thought he meant something derogatory, haha! How wrong I was.

I then got a job in-house as a writer for a fintech company and any concerns I had about copywriting were very quickly washed away. I had found my thing and I had found my people! I LOVED focusing solely on writing and ended up as Lead Writer doing UX, content, social media, eDMs and website copy. It was there that I gained enough confidence (as well as doing a few business courses) to leave and start my own thang.

I think the best copy is simple, short and straightforward.

Laura Luck

In your mind, what is it that makes excellent, engaging copy?

I think the best copy is simple, short and straightforward. It doesn’t try to be too clever or too funny, it’s just clear and helpful. We’re writing for humans, so we should sound like humans!

What does a typical day look like for you? If there’s such thing!

Most of my days start out the same: I get up and have breakfast with my husband, then go for a nice walk with our doggy to clear my head and get the feel-good endorphins going (this may also be due to the coffee I pick up along the way…).

When I get home I quickly do emails (I am a sucker for a clean inbox!) and then get straight into any creative work. I am definitely a morning person, so I try to do all of the writing while I’m fresh. Then I’ll have lunch and get into any research projects or editing I have. I try to finish up work around 4 pm, and a couple of times a week I usually have strategy calls with clients around this time too.

Laura Luck

Creating a website and business email for yourself should be your number one priority!

What tips would you offer anyone wanting to pursue a career in copywriting?

Get all the ‘boring’ admin things set up before you start taking on clients – having these in working order will save you hours of stress later on! That’s things like accounting / invoicing software, T&Cs, PI insurance, business bank accounts and proposal software. And it goes without saying that creating a website and business email for yourself should be your number one priority!

What projects are you currently working on?

At the moment I’m wrapping up a UX writing and website copy project for a startup called little Phil. It’s a brand new way for people to give to charitable causes using blockchain technology and it’s been awesome to be a part of!

I’m also finishing up some lead generation pieces for a tech company in the video communications industry, where we’re doing a series of content on AI, machine learning and AR. It’s so interesting!

What are your goals for the future when it comes to building your copywriting career?

Well, I am actually taking the rest of 2018 off from client work to become a mum! But during that time I’ll be working on building my community and working on some branding changes for when I kick off again in January 2019. I’d love to start doing workshops with startups about UX writing and doing more things face-to-face. I love meeting new people 🙂

Write your life story in one sentence.

I’m one very lucky lady!

Check out Laura Luck’s website and follow her on Insta and Facebook if you don’t already!