Your company has its own unique story to tell. Whether you’re a global brand or budding business, that story deserves to be told. And it deserves to be told well. That’s where I come in.

I’m Chris, a Sydney-based SEO copywriter and content strategist who knows a thing or two about the written word.

Working mainly with fashion and lifestyle businesses both big and small, I produce carefully-crafted copy that converts. Whether it’s through words for websites or savvy subject lines, my copy achieves results by engaging the customer with data-driven content that still manages to sound like an actual human being.

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Services available

Whether it's a punchy press release for a fashion collection, a killer landing page for a product launch or even a caption for your next Instagram post, I offer specialised services for all types of businesses.

Web content

SEO copywriting

Content marketing


Press releases

Style guides

Product descriptions

Tone-of-voice development

Proofreading & Editing


From luxury labels to small startups, I've cooked up copy and content for many types of businesses. And forgive me for bragging, but my clients always come back for seconds. Feeling peckish?

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The Active
Fashion Beans
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